Host: Port: 50002 (default)

Plain text (legacy)

Use this only if your client does not support the TLS version.

Host: Port: 50001 (default)

A note

!!! Never use random Electrum servers !!!

Some modern Bitcoin wallets work on top of the Electrum server instead of directly connecting to a Bitcoin full node. The Electrum server is a powerful indexer giving wallets immediate and convenient access to the Bitcoin blockchain.

Originally Electrum server was developed for Electrum Wallet but it then became a widespread standard.

Always use a trusted backend (“Electrum server”) instead of random servers on the Internet, many of which are being ran by surveillance companies.

I run a fully public Electrum server for my friends and family, so they don’t accidentally dox their coins to surveillance companies.

I take care to not log any activity, but I cannot guarantee about underlying hosting providers. You should always prefer connecting with VPN or Tor to any 3rd party service.