I am a programmer specializing in privacy. I fell in love with programming in 1995, with Bitcoin in 2011, and most recently with Monero in 2017.

I prefer to reason from first principles. I tend to see through the bullshit and manage technical trade-offs well. Here is my github, twitter, reddit, and medium.


Signal me at +48 694 797 487. Note this number is for Signal only and no other communication (like GSM calls/SMS) will be received.

E-mail is inherently insecure means of communication but if you still feel like it, reach me at contact@qertoip.com.

Here is my PGP. Ensure the fingerprint ends with B4B4 18C7 EC79 39AC and add it to your keyring.


  • Computer science graduate from Warsaw University of Technology, EiTI.
  • Former programmer at European Organization for Nuclear Research.
  • Co-founder and 8-years a CTO at successful European fintech startup (large scale scraping of online banking systems); retired from the position in Feb 2019.
  • Open source programmer and educator in Bitcoin and Monero space.


I do research and encourage the use of a variety of anonymity and privacy enhancing technologies, including but not limited to overlay networks like Tor and VPN-s; anonymity enabling operating systems like Whonix and Tails; financial privacy respecting cryptocurrencies like Monero; privacy techniques like coin-joining; private secure messengers like Signal; and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Bisq.

I believe privacy and freedom of expression are basic human rights, including in their absolute forms, because who is there to judge? One person’s freedom of expression, obviously, does not limit other person’s freedom to establish any rules and limits within their private properties.

Public Services

I host the following public services: