I am a programmer now specializing in machine learning. I fell in love with programming back in 1995.

I prefer to reason from first principles. I tend to see through the bullshit and manage technical trade-offs well. Here is my linkedin, github, twitter, reddit, and medium.


Call or Signal me at +48 694 797 487.

E-mail is inherently insecure means of communication but if you still feel like it, reach me at contact@qertoip.com.


  • Computer science graduate from Warsaw University of Technology, EiTI. Thesis on application of machine learning to real estate valuation.
  • Former programmer at European Organization for Nuclear Research.
  • Co-founder and 8-years a CTO at successful European fintech startup Kontomatik (large scale web scraping, regression and classification machine learning for the lending market). Retired from the position in Feb 2019.
  • Open source programmer and educator in Bitcoin and Monero space.

Machine Learning

We used to say that software eats the World.

I came to believe machine learning eats software.

I am both excited and scared by the explosion of AI.

Public Services

I host the following public services:


Here is my PGP. Ensure the fingerprint ends with B4B4 18C7 EC79 39AC and add it to your keyring.