we the Cypherpunks are dedicated to building anonymous systems

I am aspiring software craftsman and cypherpunk. I fell in love with programming in 1995, with Bitcoin in 2011, and most recently with Monero in 2017.

I prefer to reason from first principles and think independently. I tend to see through the bullshit and manage technical trade-offs well. Here is my github, twitter, reddit, and medium.


Import my PGP public key to your keyring. Ensure the fingerprint is 40D2 92C2 F044 1680 0D70 297C B4B4 18C7 EC79 39AC.

Send PGP-encrypted email to contact@qertoip.com.

When receiving an email from me, you should expect it to be signed, and you should verify the signature against the fingerprint.


Computer science graduate from Warsaw University of Technology, EiTI. Former programmer at European Organization for Nuclear Research. Co-founder, CTO and board member at successful European fintech startup (large scale scraping of online banking systems across the globe).